Budget Shopping

It’s no surprise, with money being harder to come by these days, more people are looking for bargains. But who would have thought the Library would be the perfect, economical place to go shopping?

Inside Headquarters Library on South Church Street, there’s a little store that is loaded with unique toys, puppets, jewelry, writing accessories, and decorations for the home not to mention hundreds of gently used books. For less than $15, a person can pick up a gift for a friend and a book for themselves — or visa versa.

The Library Store opened 11 years ago and is a major fundraiser for the Friends of the Spartanburg County Public Libraries.  Purchases made at the store assist the Friends, who in turn support programming at the library. Heard of Jamboread? The Friends help with that. Remember an author signing at the library? Friends were likely behind that as well.

Right now, the store is featuring Civil War books, and there’s a ton of them. These hardcover books range around $4 and $6 each, or there about. These books can be found inside the store. Outside the store are five carts filled with hardbacks and paperbacks — we’ve got cookbooks, biographies, health books, religious books, kids books, coffee table books, novels, etc. We even carry magazines. 

The latest addition to our store are our adorable puppets. These are a must for children, as they help develop the imagination.

One of the biggest draws to the store is the jewelry. We’ve got some of the most unique pieces and all are made by local artisans. You’ve got to check it out!

Speaking of local artisans, we even carry pottery, tote bags, pens, silk purses and pillows, a table runner and the list goes on … made by talented people from Spartanburg.

Well, you simply need to come by and see it for yourself. The Library Store is the best kept secret in town. Come see what you’ve been missing!

Lib E. Ray, signing off.


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