Get a cup of joe


Just in time for cooler weather, The Library Store is selling its freshly brewed coffee  – not that the heat has ever stopped coffee connoisseurs from their java. But now you can enjoy a cup or two in Headquarters Atrium before or after you find that perfect book to go along with it.


Interested? You can buy a cup in the store for $1.50 and help yourself to the Library’s own brand of coffee we call Book Junkies Java. The coffee comes from Spartanburg’s very own Little River Roasting Company, the best around!


Coffee time is 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. These times are not locked in stone. As soon as interest increases, so will our serving times. So, come in and try out our delicious coffee. We even have Hazel Nut, for those who like a little flavor added to their brew. Plus, we sell the same ground coffee in our store.


But wait! You have to enjoy the coffee either in the Atrium or snack room, as a courtesy to our beloved books. We wouldn’t want a coffee spills to spoil a perfectly good novel, would we? Great. So, just take a seat in the Atrium, read, work on your computer, socialize and have a cup of coffee to go with it.


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