Stop By Our Shop

Have any of you checked out our store lately? Ohmigosh! You’ve got to see what we’ve got! Let’s talk bookish stuff first. If you haven’t already noticed, we have a wonderful supply of gently used hardcover and paperback books that range from $1 to $6. The pricier coffee table books are inside the store, but we’re talking cheap ($10 maybe) and beautiful. You can’t find these books just anywhere either.


We also have some great gift ideas with the reader in mind. We’ve got reading glasses, journals, bookmarks, chess set, booklights, tote bags for books, pillows to support your back as your read, jewelry to wear while reading, crocheted hats to warm you while you listen to a bookon tape, aprons to wear while reading your cookbook …. ok, not everything is geared to just reading.


Since we let that cat out of the bag, let’s go on with some of our inventory. We’ve got lots of great things for kids. Puppets, toys, puzzles, cute handbags and back back for girls, Thomas trains, wooden cars and crafts, tiny dinosaur stuffed animals, rocks, sharks teeth, to name a few.


We have local made pottery, handcrafted jewelry that will “wow” you, quilts, handbags, suncatchers, coffee mugs, wine goblets, photo frames, wall hangings, wreaths … did I mention books?


Basically, you have to stop by and see everything that was not mentioned. And our inventory is always changing, so if you didn’t see what you wanted the first time you visit, keep coming back. Better yet, let us know what you are looking for – suggestions with a smile are always appreciated.



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