Handcrafted goods perfect for gift giving

There’s nothing like owning a rare piece of art – whether it’s a country quilt or glass pendant.  Now, the Library Store is carrying a wide array of locally made goods that have become a popular way to say Happy Holidays to anyone on your list.

Five Upstate jewelry makers have filled the library store with one-of-a kind pieces. Jewelry by Elle Ink appeals to the younger consumer, using macrame, buttons, beads, and even soda can tabs in her collection. Anyone with an eclectic taste in jewelry will find the pieces made by Whimsabelle Wishes, Biling Glass, Marjorie Marcello, Paul and Annamarie Hornung and Harriett Casas ideal gifts for women and children.

We also have a great collection of beautiful pottery by two very well known craftswomen. Majorie Hawthorne and Kate McAninch — or “Pottery by Kate” — sell their works at The Library Store. And trust me, there’s nothing more thoughtful than giving a piece of pottery to a man or woman. It’s charming, it’s original and it shows you put a lot of care into your gift. We even have jewelry pieces made with pottery – very chic!

Now, if you would like your gift to be warm and comfy, we’ve got a nice display of handmade quilts and wall hangings that would fit the bill.  There’s even a fun wall hanging for that golfer on your gift list. Talk of being warm, did I mention we have hand crocheted hats? Well, we do.

And what is Christmas without the ornaments. This year, we have handmade ornaments beautifully displayed on our little tree.

That’s not all. We also have handmade Christmas bows for girls, tote bags, bookmarks (awesome ones made out of metal, ornamental suncatchers, wooden pens, clay pens, little girl handbags, bookends, wooden cars, pull toys … all made in the Upstate.

By the way, we also carry adorable clothes for the American Girl Dolls. They’re not American Girl, but – hey – they don’t an arm and a leg either. In fact, they’re 20 percent off! Check them out!

Oh we have so much more to talk about – as far as stuff in our store. We’ll just have to wait till tomorrow. I’ll make sure we include pictures too.


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