Father’s Day and Summertime

Why does it seem to be a chore to find Dad a gift (one he actually would enjoy) on Father’s Day? Well, maybe you haven’t been going to the right shops.

The Library Store is packed with great gift ideas for dads. Besides the huge supply of gently used books to choose from, we’ve also got Palmetto and Crescent Moon golf balls, leather wine totes,  travel mugs (complete with a tire gage, flashlight and pen).  And if you simply have to give dad his traditional neckware this year, think about giving him a pillow made out of real ties. That should do the trick!

We recently got in some beautiful stemless wine glasses with the Palmetto and Crescent Moon engravings as well as insulated tumblers.

If Dad is a gardener, we have some garden totes that come with tools and gardening gloves. We also have great t-shirts  touting the importance of recycling, which Dad would wear proudly.

We have so many gift ideas to make Father’s Day shopping a treat. Oh, and you may just find something for yourself. So, check us out next time you’re in Headquarters Library!


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